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Terms and conditions

No guarantees

We do not guarantee the availability of our servers. Our servers may go down at any moment.

There is no guarantee that the data on the server will be preserved. Data can be deleted without giving any reason. We do not refund for loss of data.

We cannot guarantee the continuity of the website. This website may go offline permanently at any time.

No responsibility for the content

We are not responsible for any errors or viruses on this website.

Uploads contain content uploaded by other users. This content is not reviewed by us. The content does not represent our views or values.

No responsibility for links

We are not responsible for links provided by us.

We are also not responsible for links uploaded by other users on our website.

We have no influence on the content of these links.

Commercial use

Commercial use of this website is permitted.

Users may not charge for downloads of content uploaded by them.

Users may implement in-app purchases in their uploaded modules. Modules that contain in-app purchases must be marked as such.


By uploading to this website, you grant us a worldwide transferable, royalty-free licence to use your uploads as necessary to keep this website running, to improve it and to advertise your content. This licence includes operations such as making copies and backups, showing your files to other users, analysing and running your files.

You remain the owner of your uploads and are responsible for your content.

If you are not the owner, you are responsible for ensuring that your content is licensed so that you may upload it to this website and share it under these terms.

By uploading to this website, you grant users a worldwide, royalty-free licence to use your content for personal use. You may add a detailed licence file. However, the licence to use for personal use remains in all cases.

The licence you grant to us and to other users remains in effect even if you leave this website or remove your content.


We reserve the right to make changes to our terms and conditions and other rules.

We will make changes to our website.

We may take the website offline temporarily or permanently.

We may transfer this website and the terms and conditions to another organisation.

Removal of accounts and content

We may deactivate or remove your account without giving any reason. In such a case, no refund will be given.

Deactivation or removal of an account will also deactivate or remove the content on that account.

We may disable or remove your uploads and content without giving any reason.

Users who violate our rules will be banned or removed from this site.

After your account has been suspended, you will not be able to log in. In this case, you can ask our support to unblock your account.

NSFW Content

NSFW content is allowed, but must be marked as such.

Prohibited content

We strongly forbid any contents that are illegal, contain pornographic material, contents with excessive violence or other contents which are an offense against common decency.

Users and automation

Only human users are allowed.

Each user can have only one account. Multiple accounts are not allowed.

Business accounts are allowed.

We do not allow automated access to our website and our API.

Users creating an account must be 18+ or 13+ years of age with parental or legal guardian permission.